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There has been so much hype and news coverage on dental implants. We want to walk you briefly through the basics and fundaments of what a dental implant is and what the benefits and advantages of dental implants are versus other treatment options.

What is a dental implant?

Dental Implants Tempe AZThe illustration on the left is a great way to demonstrate the parts of the implant and what it looks like. A dental implant is basically a man made root system that replaces a tooth. The illustration is a cross section of a tooth. The red portion are gums and underneath the gums you can see the bone of the jaw. With this sample you can see how closely the implant replicates real tooth. I know you might be thinking it looks painful, but there is very little pain involved and most do not even kno there was an implant placed.

There are three parts to a dental implant. The dental implant itself, which is like the root of the tooth. The dental abutment holds the crown/tooth onto the implant. The implant and abutment are not visible in the mouth. Lastly, the crown that you would be able to see in the mouth.

Do Implants look natural?

Dental Crowns Tempe AZ

E.max crowns are highly esthetic and also very strong. It is an all porcelain crown which becomes difficult to distinguish between natural teeth and the teeth which are crowned, as the pictures shows above.

We also have all full zirconia also known as Bruxzir crowns. These crowns are also very nice looking crowns but also are very strong. They add so much strength and esthetics that we rarely need porcelain fused to metal crowns which leads to stronger more esthetic dentistry.

Implants function and appear more like your regular tooth than any other treatment we have to replace missing teeth. Above you can see a couple different before and afters. Without seeing the before photos it is difficult to distinguish which tooth is an implant.

How long do implants last?

The great thing about dental implants are their longevity. The average life of a dental bridge, which is the most common way to replace teeth, is 7-10 years. This is due to the difficulty in maintaining cleanliness. Dental implants are easier to keep clean compared to a bridge. Also dental implants do not affect the teeth surrounding the missing tooth which makes those teeth last longer without sensitivity and other problems that may arise with bridges. The investment of dental implants is an easy decision since with implants you avoid the cost and time of needing to replace the bridge.

Can I have a dental implant?

We have many different sizes of implants from mini to standard to help fit your mouth. Dental implants can be used for a variety of patients and cases. We can replace one tooth which is between two other teeth or we can replace all your teeth with implants. You need to find a provider like our doctors who are experienced, educated, and who have special training to place and restore your dental implants. If you have been think-ing of getting a dental implant in the Tempe or surrounding area, call us today at 480-838-3101 and come in for a free implant consult.

I think I just want dentures

We get this a lot and provide denture services to many in our community. Dentures are very unlike our natural teeth. Dentures are bulky, bothersome, and difficult to function with. Not only are they difficult to wear but they also speed up the change of our bone anatomy. Many patients are unaware of the changes our bone makes once their teeth are removed. The images below illustrates this point well. This lady is the same age in each of the three images. The images show the changes in the face that occur once the teeth are removed and bone loss begins to happen. You can see the sunken in lip and decrease in height between her nose and chin. This ages the face dramatically. Dentures can camouflage the bone loss but they also increase the speed of bone loss and get more difficult to wear as the bone loss continues. Implants will help retain bone so you never have to see these changes in your face and can function as well your normal teeth.

Dental Crowns Tempe AZ

Does having an implant hurt? How much pain will I have after the implant is in?

When you come in to have your implant placed we offer a variety of options of sedation. The procedure itself is painless and quick. Implant placement is much less traumatic than having a tooth removed. After the implant is placed, the gums in the area are going to be sore for a couple days. Eating on that side might cause soreness but very little pain is expected for recovery. We recommend minor pain medications like 400-600mg ibuprofen for most our patients and thatís all.

How much are they and I donít think I can afford implants?

If you read through the text above you have learned that there are so many different op-tions when it comes to dental implants. The price range is very large and it would be difficult to list prices for all specific needs. When you come in for your complimentary consultation we will talk about the options that fit you and your budget. We also have options to help with budgets of all sizes.

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