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We all want whiter teeth and we specialize in helping you achieve the smile you deserve and want. There are a variety of options to help whiten your smile. We will walk you through our most popular options and the pros vs cons of each. We hope you can gather the information you need to make the best choice for you and then call us to schedule your free whitening consult #480-838-3103

Take Home Whitening

This is probably the most common and most economical way to whiten your teeth. There are a couple different methods to achieve a whiter smile at home. First are over the counter strips that you can purchase from the grocery store. These are great options for a quick touch up and if you have very straight teeth. They look like little pieces of tape and are difficult to adapt to the teeth. They also have a difficult time whitening really dark teeth or crowded average smiles. Lastly, the concentration of the whitening gel is not prescription strength so it can take longer. The main benefit of this system is that it is easily accessible and pretty straight forward if you follow the directions closely.

Teeth Whitening Tempe AZ The other take home whitening option is the custom take home trays with prescription strength whitening gel. These are made by taking an impression for your mouth/teeth. After the molds are made, custom whitening trays are then fabricated. These trays will fit comfortably on your teeth. A small amount of gel is placed in the trays and you wear them approximately 1 hour a day for two weeks. The benefits are greater with custom tray take home whitening compared to over the counter whitening strips. Two main ones are: the gels are much stronger which can help darker stains and everything is monitored by your dentist. If you have patience and diligent you can achieve a very white smile within two weeks.

In-Office Whitening

This method is for those of us that cannot commit to the two weeks it take to wear the whitening trays for an hour a day. In-office whitening achieves immediate results and can be great for those difficult deep stains. We have a few whitening systems including KOR whitening and ZOOM whitening. We tailor our whitening program for each individual patient. Not one system works for everyone. Some of our greatest results are from our in-office whitening patients. At times we have to combine the in-office and take home whitening to get those really dark stains to lighten up. Below are some examples of before and after.

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Veneers are a fantastic treatment option for those that would like to change a little more than their teeth color. Some patients are unhappy with the shape, spacing, or crowding of their teeth. Some of the most unbeilable smile makeovers are done with veneers. In the past, veneer preparations were pretty aggressive and a lot of tooth structure was removed. We now have no prep and minimal prep veneers which allow us be more conservative and have less sensitive teeth. If you want veneers in Tempe then come in and sit down with our team to see what would be the best fit for you, call us today at 480-838-3103.

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